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For nearly three decades, Tanning Dynamics has evolved into a premium tanning certification training resource for our customers, who are mostly salon owners and their employees. We’ve provided Tanning certifications to tens of thousands and are eager to support your training needs also. Want your tan certificate online right now? Look below, choose your quantity, and purchase now! Did you already purchase, and do you want to start training now? Sign in here. Are you ready to test right now?

Need to download a copy of your certificate that you earned already? You can do so here. Want more details about the Online certification program before purchasing? Click here for more details.

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Online Certification is fast, convenient, affordable, and well–supported. If you get test panic, or want to try a practice test before taking the real thing, try our free training sample, which gives you a chance to take a free sample test. Discover more and see if Online Tanning Certification is right for you…

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