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Dynamic Training

For nearly three decades, Tanning Dynamics has evolved into a premium training resource for our customers. We’ve certified tens of thousands and are eager to meet your training needs also. By far, most prefer to be certified online, although if you prefer to certify your own staff in a classroom setting, we have a program for that as well.

Online Training

Classroom training is the most effective form of training, but there are drawbacks. All attendees have to coordinate their varied schedules to show up at the designated location, date, and time. Fees for these seminars are typically much higher, and sometimes extensive travel to get to the training site is also required, adding to the overall expense per person. If the session lasts long enough, you are freed for an hour to find and pay for lunch, again adding to your total cost.

That was how it was done back in 1994 when we first started. In 2006, we recognized a need for a form of education where students didn’t have to make special trips and pay difficult-to-afford costs for becoming certified.

Online training was born. It existed, but there weren’t very many that had an effective program, and even more didn’t meet rigid state requirements for online training programs. However, our original program did meet various state requirements, and was able to get rid of excessive travel costs and higher-priced seminar fees. Convenience for the customer was tailored to the student’s personal schedule, and testing could be done 24/7. Even better was that as soon as students pass the test, they could immediately print off a copy of their certificate without waiting a long time to have it sent in the mail.

We upgraded the online certification program to provide more content for students, but even better, we now provide fantastic benefits to owners. Now, when you set up an account (at no additional cost), you can track each of your employees’ training progress. Through your account, you can see their progress. You can see if they have tested or not, see when they tested, and their score once they have finished the test. Every test attempt is also listed, so the pattern of their test attempts may have some meaning to you.

How soon can they access the course after purchase? Immediately, of course. That has always been the case with Tanning Dynamics.

How soon can they take the test? Immediately. If the student feels ready to test and doesn’t want to read the material first, they are welcome to test immediately.

How long do I have to wait for a certificate after passing the test? As soon as you or the employee passes the test, the certificate is immediately available to access. It can be downloaded and printed. As the owner, you can access the certificate for all your employees who have passed the test.

Once the student passes, you can download and print a copy of their certificate for up to 90 days after testing. Their certificate can still be accessed after 90 days for a small fee of just $7.95 per desired certificate.

This is focused education in both a time-efficient and cost-efficient format. It is also owner-minded, so you see the employees’ progress at any time. What could be better? Are you ready to get started?

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