You made it!
This is the area where you, the student, prove your familiarity with the training material by passing the test. Passing score is 80%. If you achieve a higher passing score of at least 90%, your certificate will be further noted “With Honors,” and your owner and/or training manager will also be notified in the training area of the site.

Does my certification ever expire?
In most States, no. Ohio, is an exception. They require re-certification once every four years. Occasionally a state that enforces their tanning rules, may require an individual or a facility to re-certify to assure the state agency that the individual (or facility) is maintaining familiarity with either basic operator training standards and/or the State’s statute or the agency’s tanning rules for tanning facilities.

In most cases though, once you’re done with certification, you’re done, with no further requirements for re-certification, ever. Tanning Dynamics recommends re-certifying once every four years in case Tanning facility rules or other State or County business rules ever come to your State, or are updated within your State, and of course, in case the federal tanning statute, 10CFR 1040.20 ever gets updated significantly. We suggest using your current date of certification as your four-year guide for recertification.